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Traditional Dishes

  • Sagwala

    Spinach cooked in a medium sauce with fresh coriander and ground spices.

    from £7.95

  • Bhuna

    Cooked with onions, tomatoes and green herbs. A medium dry dish.

    from £7.95

  • Dupiaza

    Cooked with chunks of onions and capsicum. Medium

    from £7.95

  • Rogan Josh

    Cooked wit onions and topped with tomatoes and capsicum. Medium

    from £7.95

  • Dansak

    Cooked in a sweet, sour and hot sauce with lentils and pineapple.

    from £7.95

  • Pathia

    Cooked in a sweet, sour and hot sauce.

    from £7.95

  • Korma

    Cooked with coconut, fresh cream and butter in a very mild sauce.

    from £7.95

  • Madras

    Cooked in a hot, spicy sauce.

    from £7.95

  • Vindaloo

    Cooked in a very hot and spicy sauce.

    from £7.95


  • Plain Poppadom


  • Spiced Poppadom


  • Chutney



  • Kebab Starter

    Finely minced lamb garnished with rich spices & fried in ghee


  • Samosa


  • Chaat

    Small pieces of chicken OR potato with cucumber, tomatoes & chaat masala sauce


  • Prawn Puree

    Bhuna prawn with deep fried flaky bread


  • Stuffed Peppers

    Bhuna minced meat stuffed in green pepper


  • Tikka Starter

    Tender pieces of boneless chicken OR lamb marinated with a touch of spices grilled over a tandoori oven

    from £4.50

  • Onion Bhajee

    Lightly spiced onion


  • Mixed Kebab Starter

    A selection of five starter


  • Tandoori Chicken Starter

    Quarter tender fresh chicken marinated with fresh garlic, ginger, yoghurt & unusual flavour of fenugreek leaves


  • Jhinga Bahari

    A lightly seasoned mix of prawn, fresh & yellow lentils


  • King Prawn Butterfly

    Giant prawn spiced with golden breadcrumbs then deep fried


Tandoori Dishes

  • Shashlik - Lamb

    Pieces of Lamb or Chicken with Tomato, Green Peppers, Onion & light Spices


  • Shaslik - Chicken

    Pieces of Lamb or Chicken with Tomato, Green Peppers, Onion & light Spices


  • Tandoori Chicken

    Half tender fresh Chicken marinated with fresh Garlic, Ginger, Yoghurt and the unusual flavour of Fenugreek leaves


  • Chicken Tikka

    Tender diced Lamb marinated with a touch of Spices, grilled over a Tandoori oven


  • Lamb Tikka

    Tender diced Lamb marinated with a touch of Spices, grilled over a Tandoori oven


  • Paneer Shaslick

    Cubes of cottage Cheese layered with Fennel, Mint and Raisin Chutney


  • Tandoori Mixed Grill

    If you are unable to decide with one of these dishes to order, perhaps you may like to try an assortment which would include the following. Tandoori chicken,chicken tikk, Lamb Tikka, Raja Jinga & Sheek Kebab.


  • Tandoori Duck Tikka

    Duck marinated with mixed Herbs & Spices, cooked in Tandoori oven


  • Tandoori Duck Shaslick

    Duck marinated with freshly mixed Herbs and Spices barbecued with Onions, Green Pepper and Tomatoes


Chef's Specialities

  • Red Pepper Special

    Roast Chicken and minced Lamb cooked with Chef’s own special recipe


  • Lena Special Jinga

    King Prawn with Green Chilli, Garlic, Spices and Herbs


  • Lamb Pasanda

    Marinated in Spices and Yoghurt cooked with Herbs


  • Tikka Massala

    Charcoal grilled with a spicy sauce, prepared with Cream and Almonds

    from £9.95

  • Butter Chicken

    Mild, Chicken cooked in a special sauce with clarified Butter


  • Gost Kata Massala

    This delicacy dish is considered to be one of the best Lamb dishes, marinated in Mint, Red Wine & Herbs & then roasted. Medium hot


  • Korai

    Tender diced Chicken or Lamb cooked in Onion, Ginger, Garlic and Fenugreek, then simmered with other selected Spices


  • Palak Methi

    Chicken or Lamb cooked with Spinach, flavoured with fresh Fenugreek


  • Jalfrezi (Hot)

    Chicken or Lamb Tikka with Green Chillies, Coriander and other Herbs

    from £9.95

  • Chicken Laziz

    Medium spicy dish with Onion, Green Pepper, Tomatoes, cooked with special recipe highly flavoured with a tangy taste


  • Chicken Nawabi

    Mango flavoured mild dish cooked with Cream and Almond


  • Chicken Mush Bahar

    Marinated charcoal grilled Chicken with Garlic, Ginger and fried Mushroom


  • Rezala

    Cooked in hot and slightly tangy sauce with fresh Green Chillies, Onion, Bengal Pepper with Coriander


  • Sylheti

    Grilled on skewer with Onion, Tomatoes, & Capsicum, served in a thick medium sauce


  • Bengal Fish Bhuna

    Traditional popular fish from Bangladesh, sliced pan-fried and cooked with spicy Garlic and special Bhuna sauce


  • Chilli Lamb Roshun

    Lamb, which we carefully marinated over several hours then cooked in a fresh sauce made with Tomatoes, Coriander, Garlic, Green Chilli & other Herbs


  • Spice Duck Special

    Delicately sliced Duck served in a Rogan sauce


  • Spice Citrus Special

    Tangy taste with chef’s selection of Spices


  • Spice Tandoori Garlic Chilli Chicken

    Stripped Tandoori Chicken cooked with a rich sauce combined with Garlic and fresh Green Chillies for a little kick


  • Naga

    Another hot and spicy dish cooked & fragrance with a Bengal Chilli Pickle


  • Makhani Sylheti

    Chicken roasted in the tandoor & then cooked with Methi, Tomatoes, Herbs & Spices


  • Kashmiri

    Mild with Lychees


Balti Dishes

  • Balti

    from £8.95

Biryani Dishes

  • Special Biryani

    Prepared by Chef's special recipe


  • Biryani

    from £8.95

Vegetable Dishes

  • Mixed Vegetable


  • Mator Paneer

    Cottage Cheese cooked with Peas


  • Bhindi Bhaji

    Slice Okra


  • Sag Bhaji

    Spinach lightly spiced


  • Brinjal Bhaji



  • Dall Samba

    Thick curry Lentils mixed with Vegetables


  • Tarka Dall


  • Chana Bhuna

    Chick Peas


  • Mushroom Bhaji


  • Sag Aloo

    Spinach and Potato


  • Sag Paneer

    Spinach and Cheese


  • Bombay Aloo

    Potatoes and hot


  • Cauliflower Bhaji



  • Rice

    from £3.50

  • Nan

    from £2.95


  • Lacha Paratha


  • Roti


  • Chapati


  • Raitha



  • Sprite 330ml Can


  • Coca Cola Zero Sugar 330ml Can


  • Pepsi 330ml Can



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