Reddish Grill

Pizza Kebab

18 Broadstone Road, Stockport, SK5 7AE

Delivery from 17:00

Note: For safety reasons, our drivers are unable to enter appartments in Brinnington area.

For customers who do order for delivery, please be aware that you will need to collect your orders from our drivers.

Our drivers will be in contact with you when orders arrive.

16oz (500ml)

Choose your favourite chocolate.

All waffles come with wipped icecream.

All loaded fries are served in a round tin foil tray with a lid

All served in a large tray with salad and cheesy chips with choice of sauce

100% Dough made fresh daily

Available in thin OR deep pan

Extra toppings & stuffed crust are available

For separate sauce add 60p extra for each

For salad add 1.00 extra

All served with salad and choice of sauce

Classic 4oz 100% steak beef

Single = 113g

Double = 226g

Gourmet = 170g

Add £2.50 For meal (fries & can of Pepsi)

Add 0.80p for extra cheese

Add £2.20 for meal (fries & can of Pepsi)

Add cheese for 80p extra

Add £2.20 for meal (fries & can of Pepsi)

The fresh chicken is marinated for at least 24 hours in peri-peri sauce & flame-grilled to order.

Peri-peri sauce: Mild, medium, hot or lemon & herbs

Meals come with spicy rice OR spicy fries & a can of Pepsi

100% Fresh

Sauces are: Mild, medium, hot or lemon & herb

Served with onion, ketchup or mustards

Add £2.20 For meal (fries & can of Pepsi)

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