Red Spice

Indian Bangladeshi Halal

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Served on a nan bread with salad and sauce.

Traditional & oriental method of barbecuing & baking over flaming charcoal skewers. Individually marinated in a special mixed herbal yoghurt sauce, which produces a sensational that defies description.

Served with salad & a separate vegetable curry sauce.

Shashlik Dishes are cooked with onions, tomatoes and peppers in the form of a kebab stick with the marinated meats or seafood Served with a salad and vegetable curry sauce,

This dish is beautifully prepared and cooked with rice, almonds and raisins, garnished with fresh coriander and served with vegetable sauce.

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Cans choose from Coke, Diet Coke, Fanta, Pepsi, Rubicon Mango and 7up (330ml)

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