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Remeo Gelato Ice Cream @ Poplar Wines & Spirits

Desserts Italian

Poplar Wines & Spirits, 243 Poplar High Street, London, E14 0BE

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THIS IS NOT AN ICE CREAM. It's a Gelato. Crafted in Italy with only natural ingredients, this authentic Gelato is made with a slow-churn mantecazione process that uses less air and little cream. This makes Remeo Gelato naturally lower in fat and calories and have a smoother texture.

THIS IS NOT AN ICE-CREAM. It’s a Gelato… or Sorbetto in this case. Sorbetto is Gelato’s ‘fruity’ cousin. It is made with a water base, fruits of the highest quality and is completely dairy free. Our unique process called “Mantecazione” incorporates less air into our Sorbetto for a better texture and more flavour per spoonful.

THIS IS NOT A FRUIT LOLLY.  It’s a Sorbetto. Crafted in Italy with 100% natural ingredients of the highest quality, and the total absence of artificial additives.

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