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Food City, 164 High Road Leyton, London, E15 2BX

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THIS IS NOT AN ICE CREAM. It's a Gelato. Crafted in Italy with only natural ingredients, this authentic Gelato is made with a slow-churn mantecazione process that uses less air and little cream. This makes Remeo Gelato naturally lower in fat and calories and have a smoother texture.

THIS IS NOT AN ICE-CREAM. It’s a Gelato… or Sorbetto in this case. Sorbetto is Gelato’s ‘fruity’ cousin. It is made with a water base, fruits of the highest quality and is completely dairy free. Our unique process called “Mantecazione” incorporates less air into our Sorbetto for a better texture and more flavour per spoonful.

Our dessert sauces have been hand crafted to perfectly compliment every one of our gelatos, but can also be used to add some Italian luxury to pancakes, waffles, fruits and cakes. Warm up with 10 seconds in the microwave before pouring and indulging.

THIS IS NOT A FRUIT LOLLY.  It’s a Sorbetto. Crafted in Italy with 100% natural ingredients of the highest quality, and the total absence of artificial additives.

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