Renfrew Tandoori

Indian Bangladeshi

132 Paisley Road, Renfrew, PA4 8DA

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Note: Please check with our food hygiene trained staff on allergies, special instruction or request

Choose your sauce: sweet and sour or spicy.

A light fried chapati topped with your choice of filling

Served with rice or naan or 2 chapatis

Chicken, chicken tikka, lamb, lamb tikka, prawn, mince £10.50 and king prawn £12.50 mix veg £9.50

All these are marinated in a Punjabi spices and herbs overnight and cooked in a charcoal clay oven. Served with naan or rice, salad and curry sauce

Served with fried rice or naan

Chicken 10.50 lamb, prawn, mince £10.90

Chicken tikka (£1.50 extra) and lamb tikka £2.50 extra

King prawn £4.50 extra

Served with fried rice or naan

Available in chicken £10.50

Vegetable £9.50, lamb or prawn, mince £10.90

Chicken tikka £1.50 and lamb tikka £2.50 extra

King prawn £4.50 extra

Served with fried rice or naan

Basmati rice cooked with peas, herbs and spices served with a separate curry sauce

A tortilla filled with fresh salad and sauce and one of your favourite fillings from below:

Tortilla Chips, topped with salsa sauce, garlic sauce, cheese jalapeños and your desired listed below

All served with chips

Cheese on chips extra £1.50

All served with pitta bread, salad and sauce,

Separate salad or sauce 60p each. Extra cheese £1.50

Garlic Nan, Peshwari Nan, Cheese Nan £2.50 extra

Chapati filled with chips cheese and your choice of filling,

Separate salad and sauce 60p each. Extra Cheese £1.50

Our pizzas are specially prepared with mozzarella cheese and the freshest of ingredients.

They are baked on the premises.

Folded pizza with your choice of fillings

Served with salad

All served with chips and a Fruitshoot 200ml

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