Indian Curry Halal

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Cooked with almond powder, mango & single cream

A dry dish cooked with fresh garlic & spinach

Marinated chicken, lamb or king prawns. Cooked with green chillies, green capsicums, onions & coriander in a medium to hot sauce

Ridwan's special contains chicken tikka, lamb tikka & king prawns

Medium to hot

Cooked with sliced onions, green peppers & other selected spices. Ridwan's special contains chicken tikka, lamb tikka & king prawns

Another classic, famous dish cooked with garlic, tomatoes, onions, fresh coriander, freshly grounded spices in a special balti sauce

Consisting of basmati rice, chicken, lamb, prawns or vegetable. Cooked in light spices, served with vegetable curry sauce

Please note all vegetable dishes can be prepared in any combination

Kebab on fresh naan

Served with mayonnaise, fresh salad & fries

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