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Note: Please Note: For any allergies, please state when ordering as any of our products may contain nuts, gluten or any other allergic ingredients. Ask for details.

Classic & traditional starters, special

starters are served with fresh, green salad & mint dressing.

All the classic British favourites, main menu dishes are available in; Chicken, Lamb, King Prawns, Turkey, Duck, Vegetable, Paneer (Indian Cheese), etc.

Tandoori Dishes cooked in a clay oven

marinated in tandoori paste & tikka paste yogurt & special selection of mild spice and barbecued in a clay oven. Served with green salad and mint dressing.

Healthy options.

Very mild and creamy

Very popular British Bangladeshi-Indian dish cooked with coconut and cream, mild sauce and hints of honey, mango, and yogurt mild aromatic flavours.

Masala is a true British national dish, not only because it is the most popular, but because it is a perfect illustration of the way Britain absorbs and adapts external influences.

Finely cut fleet tikka pasanda, mild dish cooked with fine ground almonds, yogurt, cream & low fat butter. Selection of special, mild spice.

Spice hot Authentic flavours

It is fairly sharp and tangy in taste.

Balti is a medium spiced dish. Preparation consists of garam masala, fenugreek leaves, yoghurt and tamarind balti sauce which is based on garlic and onions, with turmeric and garam masala, among other spices. Balti gosht is eaten in North India and East as well as other parts of the world, such as Great Britain.

White fish, minced meat, lamb, chicken, vegetable, dishes cooked by the Multi-Award winning chef.

Exclusive speciality dishes - Chefs recommendations

Authentic style dish cooked with purely basmati rice & accompanied with a vegetable curry

Biryani is very popular rice are flavoured with special spices and are full of authentic aroma taste.

Wide range fresh green of vegetable & potatoes etc.

Tandoori Clays ovens freshly baked daily backing Bread.

Purely Basmati Rice & full of flavours and Authentic Aroma fragrance. Vegetarian or no vegetarian..

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