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Chicken Burgers Halal

704 Stratford Road, Birmingham, B11 4AT

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Choose flavour Extreme Hot, Extra Hot, Hot, Mild, Lemon & Herb, Mango & Lime and Plain

For all the gym lovers, these healthy meals will keep you in shape!

Meals come with fries, drink & dip go large for only 99p extra

Choose flavour extreme hot, extra hot, hot, mild, lemon & herb, mango & lime and plain

Made fresh to order in our secret recipe. Southern fried with a choice of spice, then dipped in our range of piri piri flavours.

All Meals served with fries and a fruit shoot. All burgers come with lettuce and mayonnaise.

High Quality Luxurious Cakes

Quench your thirst by trying our delicious freshly-made to order Mocktails. Refreshing and bursting with flavour.

Some Exclusive Rio’s Cold Beverages

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