Rocco Italiano

Italian Pasta

72-73 Darlington Street, Wolverhampton, WV1 4LY

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Note: Unfortunately it is not possible to guarantee our busy kitchens are 100% allergen free. Please always inform waiting staff of an allergy before ordering so we can take extra care preparing your dish. If needed we do not hold more detailed allergen information.

Our dish descriptions may not include every ingredient. Should you have a specific dietary requirement please ask the restaurant manager for details before you order. Please note in some of our dishes olives are served with their stones and although every care is taken there may be small fragments of shell or bone in our dishes.

No service charge is include gratitude in your own discretion.

Hot & cold starters

All our 10" pizzas are made fresh on site, creating traditional thin base with mozzarella & freshly made tomato & basil sauce

Meat course

Fish course

All of the dishes served with seasonal fresh vegetables & potatoes

Side dishes


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