Roccos Desserts

Desserts Milkshakes

28 Haymarket Street, Bury, BL9 0AY

Delivery from 17:40

Go Large for Only 70p Extra

Extra Chocolate Bar 1.00

All our smoothies are made with real fruit & natural frozen yoghurt

All our mocktails are prepared using the finest ingredients, ensuring you have a refreshing experience every time!

Cold refreshing coffee blended with ice cream, milk and crushed ice

Hot cookie dough served with vanilla ice cream & luxurious sauce. Add a scoop of ice cream for only £1.50 extra. Extra chocolate bar or topping £1.00

All served with delicious hot custard (mint, chocolate, original) or vanilla ice cream

At Rocco's we are always adding new desserts! See our display or ask a member of staff for today's full selection of cakes. Add a scoop of ice cream for only £1.50 extra

All our sundaes are served with a vivaldi cigar & topped with fresh whipped cream

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