Chicken Pizza

5 Cavendish Street, Keighley, BD21 3RB

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Note: Please add a comment on your order if you do not want certain toppings in your pizza

Southern fried chicken

All our southern fried chicken served with fries & drink

Fresh halal chicken marinated for at least 24 hours in our unique piri piri sauce and 100% flame grilled to your order

Flame grilled beef burgers

From the sizzling grill of Roosters, 100% grilled beef with melting cheese. All cheese burger made special burger sauce and, mayo and lettuce and cheese

Rooster's cheesy rollo

For those who have the passion for cheese

12" Tortilla wrap with pizza sauce mozzarella cheese and meat of your choice and again topped with sprinkled cheese and then baked in hot oven until cheese melts

Served with fries & drink

All served with salad and sauces

Roosters chicken strips

Roosters spicy wings

Rooster family buckets

All buckets are served with bottle of (Pepsi, Coke, Diet or 7up) 1.5L

All our 12" folded calloze pizza stuffed with best quality 100% mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce and filling of your choice

All our pizzas are deep pan and made with fresh dough, Italian herbs & 100% mozzarella cheese & fresh pizza sauce

All burgers made with lettuce & mayonnaise

All wraps are made with lettuce & mayonnaise

All barbecue chicken are coated first with SFC breading and then deep fried and finaly grilled with finger licking sticky BBQ sauce

BBQ glazed

Over night merinated butterlly chicken breast first cooked with steam, glazed with rooster's special BBQ sweet & slicky sauce and finaly flamed grilled on sizzling grill

All meals served with chips and drink

Mixed peices of: chicken tikka, seekh kebab, fish & flamed grilled chicken breast. All served with salad and sauces

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