Roosters Piri Piri - Woking

Peri Peri Chicken Halal

37 Chertsey Road, Woking, Surrey, GU21 5AJ

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All burgers wraps and pitta comes with mayonnaise and salad

Roosters Piri Piri chicken is marinated, steam cooked & flame-grilled to perfection, and is available for you in 4 tasty flavours. Lemon & herbs for the beginner, Mild & Hot for the adventurous & Extra Hot for the truly brave! Whichever you choose, this great tasting chicken is sure to leave you wanting more. Great for the family & even better for parties!

Double up on meat for chicken wrap or burger £2.50 extra

Roosters' Classic Grill & Fried range of chicken & burger meals are hugely popular with our customers. Uniquely flavoured, & grilled or fried to perfection, these meals will fill you up when hunger calls! Roosters Classic range are great for eat-in meals, or equally on the move for the go-getters

Great value for families or parties

Choice of 4 delicious flavours: lemon & herb, mild, hot OR extra hot

Go large for 50p extra

Classic Grill & Fried Meals

Go large 50p

Add cheese for 30p extra (except meal 9-12)

Add 1.5L Coke for £1.99 extra

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