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Indian Bangladeshi

Unit 2, Rosehill Shopping Centre Pye Green, Cannock, WS12 4RT

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Note: Some dishes have traces of nuts please ask the restaurant directly

All starters are served with green salad & mint sauce

All starters are served with green salad & mint sauce

Tandoori & tikka dishes are not curries. These are marinated in yoghurt, fresh herbs & special tandoori spices for 24 hours then cooked in a clay oven which is fired with charcoal. All dishes are served with fresh green salad & mint sauce. Their taste is deliciously sensational & defies description. For perfect satisfaction, try our vegetable side dishes OR naan

Balti jalfrezi dishes. Slightly spicy hot curry, with chopped green chilli

Balti mushroom

Slightly hot dish

Balti spinach dishes

Slightly hot dish

Cooked in the tandoori oven then cooked with minced meat, herbs & spices to give a medium hot taste

Tandoori curry. Cooked in the tandoori oven then cooked in a rich sauce

Another medium spiced dish, fairly dry garnished with tomatoes & onions, a most tasteful dish

Medium hot cooked with tomatoes, capsicum & balti spices. Madras OR vindaloo hot 20p extra

A bhuna dish has been cooked in the most selected herbs & spices with tomatoes, onions & capsicum, to provide a dish of medium strength, also one of the spiciest tasteful dishes

These dishes have maximum quantity of chopped onions. A very suitable dish for one who prefers a medium hot curry

A beautiful combination of spices & herbs consisting of lentils, pineapple, garlic & lemon producing a slightly hot dish

Another popular dish of South Indian origin, a rich hot flavoured taste, extensively prepared with garlic, red chilli & tomato puree

A very hot dish, suitable for only those who can tolerate intensive spices

A sweet & sour medium hot flavoured curry with a blend of herbs & spices

Most suitable for beginners, a delicate preparation of sliced almonds, coconut powder & cream, producing a rich, mild creamy texture

Massaman dishes. These dishes are of medium strength in flavour cooked with selected spices, green beans, tomatoes & cucumber

Basic curry dishes. The basic curry is a sauce of medium consistency produced from a wide balanced range of spices, giving a standard taste

Chicken, meat, vegetable OR fish cooked tenderly with basmati saffron coloured rice. Delicately flavoured in spiced ghee with almonds & sultanas, garnished with herbs & spices, served with a portion of side vegetable curry

All the following dishes are served with fresh salad & a portion of chips

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