Royal Balti

Indian Pizza

166 Wakefield Road, Normanton, WF6 1BG

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Note: In compliance with food labelling regulation customers advised to let our staff know if any food may cause allergy reaction prior to order

All our pizzas are made using homemade dough, savoury pizza sauce, 100% mozzarela cheese, the best toppings & fine Italian herbs

Available in cheese crust

Extra toppings are available

Available in cheese crust

Extra toppings are available

All ham used is turkey ham

All dishes are served with 3 chapaties or chips or boiled rice

All curries can be served in a large portion for £1.50 extra

All served in large container

Vegetable Main Dishes

Served in a sesame seed bun with fries & salad

Choose one of the following

Add extra cheese for £1.00

Served on freshly baked nan bread with fresh salad & chilli sauce if required

Royal Charcaol Grill Selection

All omelettes are served with chips & salad

All served with chips & Fruit Shoot


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