Royal Bengal

Indian Curry

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Note: Please advise us if you have any certain allergies or dietary requirements. Some of our dishes contain nuts or traces of nuts

Tandoori dishes are marinated in yoghurt & light species, skewered & cooked to perfection in tandoori (clay oven) with salad & sauce

A balti dish is an ancient dish with a mixture of green herbs & spices cooked & served in an iron for a unique flavour

Fresh Thai ginger, rich herbs, roasted chunks of onions & peppers cooked & served in iron wok for a unique flavour

Cooked with onions, capsicum & tomato roasted in tandoor. Served with salad & sauce

Cooked with garlic, peppers, tomatoes & coriander.

A biryani is cooked with basmati rice & light spices accompanied with side salad, nuts at your discretion

Served with pilau rice or plain or garlic naan

Big Bite Rolls

Special include choices of king prawn, sizzling & fish main dishes

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