Royale Pizza


175 Barrack Road Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 2AP

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Note: All meal deal except gourmet delicacies not to be used in conjuction with any othet offer

Ciabatta Bread Comes With Garlic Butter, 3 Toppings And Mozzarella Cheese On The Top

Our pizzas are made from daily fresh dough, fresh texture sauce & high quality pizza topping, we use 100% mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese & Italian ingredients

Extra toppings are available

Try one of our unique gourmet pizzas!

Extra toppings are available

Our texture burger are 100% beef & we only use local butcher, fresh toppings to add tasty flavour, you can have ketchup, mayonnaise, burger sauce, chilli sauce & garlic sauce with your burgers

Original giant chicken burgers

Our original chicken burger are served with 100% chicken breast

Lettuce and mayonnaise

Hoagen Dazs ice cream

Wings Nuggets,Chicken Strips, Roast Chicken

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