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Mill Corner Roydon, Harlow, CM19 5EJ

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Note: Before ordering please speak to our stuff about your requirements.

We Can not guarantee that our Meals and Snacks are completely Nut/ Peanut or GM free. Please inform us of any allergies.

The Management reserves the right to refuse orders without explanation and change prices at any time.

All Biryani Dishes Served with Vegetable Curry

Cooked in a Sweet and Spicy Sauce

A mild Sauce with Almonds and Fresh Cream

Medium, Spiced with Thick Sauce

Medium Spiced with Onion

Lightly Spiced and fairly hot

Extra Hot

Sweet, Sour and Hot

Sweet, Sour, Hot with lentils

All Balti dishes are cooked in a cast iron Kashmiri pan with special Spices, Fresh Tomatoes, Coriander, and Herbs

Cooked with Spinach and Freshly Ground Mild Spices

Spring Chicken or Lamb with Tomato, Onions, Green Peppers with garlic and ginger

Hot and Spicy dish with Ginger, Green Chillies, Tomato, and Onions.

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