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Baluchistan- the home of the balti dish is the most northern area of Pakistan. in recent time balti dishes have become extremely popular. Traditional balti dishes are prepared with fresh herbs, cooked with home dried roasted spices in a aromatic sauce with a touch of fresh mint, lemon juice, green chillies, garlic, ginger and tomato, served with rice or nan

Basmati rice stir fried with choices from below which have been cooked with dry fried onion. Garnished with almonds, fresh coriander and is accompanied by a vegetable curry to add a little juicess to the rice & omlet, maybe mixed to suit individual preference.

This selection has the classic dishes that you may have come across in your experiences with Indian curres

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(Lamb, chicken, keema, prawn or vegetable) lamb extra £1.00 & prawn extra 2.00

The tandoori is a traditional clay oven, this is where we skewer marinated lamb. Chicken and for over going charcool. We highly recommended tandori dishes. They have unique flavours which have become familair in the UK in recent years as they have been enjoyed for centuries in the sub continent. All tandoori dishes are served with rice or nan bread, fresh green salad and mint sauce.

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