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Indian Curry

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Note: To me cooking is a pure experession of art, it involves all of the senses of a craftsman taking the elements of the earth, sea and fire and transforming them into a pallet of flavours and textures. It is momentary and short lived, but the memories are everlasting. Chef Akbar

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If you have any allergies please inform a member of staff before placing your order.

Free Onion Bhaji with orders over £25

Free Poppadom and Onion Salad with orders over £15

Please note. Some dishes may contain nuts, dairy produce, garlic, herbs or spices.

If you suffer from an allergy please speak to an operator who will be able to advise you.

All the tandoori & chargrill dishes come with salad & mint sauce

Cooked with basmati rice, flavoured with saffron and served with vegetable curry. You can add mince meat to every Biryani

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