Rüya + Isik - Sauchiehall Street Glasgow

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  • Mezze.
  • Pides (Turkish Pizzas)
  • Desserts
  • Dips
  • Drinks


  • Beef Kofte with Pickled Chilli

    Beef Kofte, cooked in a rich tomato sauce, topped with pickled chilli


  • Hummus

    Rich, creamy house hummus topped with fresh parsley


  • Garlic Bread

    Our Pide dough, rolled thin and charred with garlic oil. Finished with fresh parsley


Pides (Turkish Pizzas)

  • Spicy Beef Pides (Two)

    Aromatic minced beef and melted cheese, topped with mixed peppers, pickled chillis and fresh parsley


  • Pulled Chicken Pides (Two)

    Pulled chicken, on a bed of sliced white onion and melted cheese finished with fresh parsley


  • Salami Pides (Two)

    Melted stringy mozzarella, layered with salami and finished with fresh parsley


  • Aubergine and Chilli Pides (Two)

    Melted shredded mozzarella and aromatic roasted aubergine finished with pickled red chilli, chilli oil and parsley


  • Three Cheese Pides (Two)

    An irresistible mix of feta, melted and fresh mozzarella, baked with sliced white onion and finished with fresh parsley


  • Margherita Pides (Two)

    Our spin on the classic Margharita: roasted tomato sauce topped with melted cheese, cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and fresh basil



  • Nutella Swirl

    Our house Pide dough, rolled with sugar and nutella and baked until gooey and warm



  • Garlic Sauce

    A must with every Pide, creamy and aromatic garlic and herb dip


  • Hot Chilli Oil

    Quality olive oil, infused with hot chillis


  • Pesto Mayonnaise

    Classic mayo, mixed with a rich italian style pesto


  • Chilli Mayonnaise

    Classic mayo, infused with our chilli oil and spices



  • Coke Zero (330ml)


  • Coca Cola Original (330ml)


  • Bottled Water (500ml)



Saturday, 15 June 2024
Saturday, 18 May 2024
Hummus and pizzas great. Garlic bread was a little disappointing.
Thursday, 16 May 2024
food is delish
Tuesday, 30 April 2024
Friday, 26 April 2024
Monday, 22 April 2024
Very tasty chicken and cheese pides, a nice alternative to traditional pizzas

A little bit about us

One for the adventurous foodies looking to explore the middle east with a modern twist, Authentic Pide paired up with western and eastern flavours.

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Business details

Rüya + Isik - Sauchiehall Street Glasgow
Chunky Chicken, 532 Sauchiehall Street
G2 3LX Glasgow
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