Salma Tandoori

Indian Curry

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Free two poppadoms & one onion salad with orders over £30.00

All starters served with fresh salad and mint sauce

Tandoori Specialities

Sizzling tandoori, charcoal grilled. All dishes marinated in fresh ground spices, herbs and yoghurt, cooked on a skewer in the tandoor oven and garnished with onions, pepper, exotic spices and fresh coriander served with fresh salad and mint sauce.

Salma specialities

Served with pilau rice

Original Balti Specialities

All dishes are cooked with fresh vegetables in special herbs and spices.

No other discount for set meals

Biriyani Specialities

All biriyani dishes are cooked with special basmati rice. Garnished with tomatoes, cucumber and coriander. Served with curry sauce.

All the rice is prepared with basmati rice.

Vegetable Specialieties

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