Sams Pizzeria

Pizza Kebab

192b High Street Eston, Middlesbrough, TS6 9JF

Delivery from 17:10

Note: If there is any queries, issues or cold food please contact us directly as will will rectify any errors on our part ASAP. If you dont wish for the order to be rectified we will have to claim back any orders received before any refund can be claimed

Buy One get One Free.

All Wraps Buy 1 Get 1 Free. Mention your second Wrap in Comment Box, if 2nd wrap is not mentioned, we will send two same wraps

Wraps served with Fresh Salad & Garlic Sauce on top

Vegetarian Pizza = (1-6)

Chicken Pizza = (7-13)

Hot & Spicy Pizza = (14-18)

Meat Lover Pizza = (19-25)

Seafood Special Pizza = (26-27)

New Arrival Special Indian Pizza = (28-31)

Extra toppings are available

All burgers are served in a bun with salad & French fries

All Parmesan served with fresh green salad & chips

Extra toppings are available

We also do delicious starters, main curries, rices & nan breads. All our nan breads contain Milk, Eggs, Suger Salt Kalongi (Black Cumins)

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