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Indian Pizza

72 Overhaugh Street, Galashiels, TD1 1DP

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Note: If you have any food allergies please ask to speak to a member of staff who is trained to advise you

The ratio of hot and cold items in an order may affect temperatures of the whole order. If their is an issues with cold food, damaged food or late deliveries please contact us directly and we will attempt to resolve this if any errors are made on our part. Full refunds cannot be given as all food is prepared to order.

Due to distance the customer must manually add the correct delivery charge to their order, any charges not added will be collected upon cash on delivery or may result in your order being cancelled.

All biryani dishes are cooked with rice. 

Served with choice of (Curry, bhoona, korma, madras, or south Indian garlic chilli masala) and fresh salad

Sanghatpur Specialities

Served with Pilau Rice or Plain Naan.

Upgrade Rice or Naan 1.50 extra

All pizzas are prepared wtih mozzarella cheese & freshly made sauce

Rolled in a pizza with sauce & cheese on top (Regular or large)

Served with salad

Prepared in a sesame roll with salad

Chips & choice of meat smothered with cheese in a tortilla style wrap. Topped with chilli sauce & salad

Prepared with mozzarella cheese in a flat pizza style wrap, served with salad, chips and 1 tub of sauce

Includes chips, juice & packet of crisps

Served with Salad, Pilau Rice upgrade Rice 1.50 and your choice of Curry Sauce

(Curry, bhoona, Korma, madras, or south Indian garlic chilli masala)

Main Course Meat Options: Chicken, Vegetables or Lamb (Additional £1.00). Contents Cannot be Changed

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