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Hot Dishes For Colder Days.

A special selection of our finest appetisers, each with a unique eastern twist, garnished with onions, peppers, garlic and a touch of spice cooked in our unique grill style.

Tandoori, tikka dishes are not curries, they are marinated in yoghurt, fresh herbs and special tandoori spices, tandoori for 24 hours then cooked in a clay oven which is fried with charcoal. Their taste is deliciously sensational defies description. For perfect satisfaction.

Chicken, meat, vegetable or fish cooked tenderly with basmati saffron coloured rice. Delicately flavoured in olive oil with garlic, garnished with herbs and spices, served with a portion of side plain curry sauce.

These dishes contain coconut powder and coconut cream. For further information, please ask when ordering.

Mushroom dishes are tasty, they come highly recommended by our customers. They offer a true authentic eastern experience.

All dishes are served with fresh salad and a portion of chips

Carefully prepared extras that make your meal complete

Lovingly handmade. Baked in the tandoor or on the open flame.

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