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Our gelato is made fresh daily by our very own gelato chef. Only the finest ingredients are used to prepare truly indulgent gelato that will have you coming back for more

Our fresh crepe mixture is poured onto a circular piping hot plate, cooked to perfection, folded & served with our luxurious vanilla gelato

Choose any other gelato flavour for an extra £1.25

Truly luxurious. Freshly baked to perfection. All served with a scoop of our home-made luxury vanilla gelato & drizzled with melted Belgian chocolate

Choose from any of the cookie dough varieties accompanied with luxurious vanilla gelato, fresh

strawberries, strawberry sauce, Belgian chocolate & whipped cream

Choose any other gelato flavour for an extra £1.25

Our popular THICK milkshakes are blended to perfection. These can be made from a range of chocolate bars, Gelato ice cream or a blend of these combinations. All our milkshakes come with sauce, sprinkles & fresh cream

All our waffles are made fresh upon order and are accompanied with our very own luxurious vanilla gelato with an option to upgrade to a premium flavour. Get vanilla gelato for free or upgrade gelato flavour for £1.25

Our sundaes are tempting, luxuriously presented & sure to put a smile on your face. Our sundaes consist of a wide range of gelato ice cream flavours, toppings, sauces, sprinkles & fruits...truly something for everyone

Timeless classics from days gone by, you don’t need to be at school to treat yourself to these puddings. Roll back the years. All of our puddings are served with a generous portion of hot custard

A chocolate rich cake with a layer of delicious chocolate sauce & chocolate chips. This is served hot with a scoop of luxurious vanilla gelato & drizzled with fine melted Belgian chocolate

Any other gelato flavour for an extra £1.25

We have a wide range of cakes to choose from starting with the standard classics to something more luxurious… something for everyone

Add any one flavour of gelato to accompany cakes £1.50

Classic Asian Dessert Treats

A single donut option is available with a choice of your flavour or variety boxes of freshly baked soft luscious donuts available in a set variety of flavours. These come as a mixed box of 4, 8 or 12 donuts.

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