Seaton Tandoori

Indian Curry

31 The Front Street, Hartlepool, TS25 1BS

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All wraps served with salad and mint sauce on request

Naan served with chips and your choice of meat and sauces

Popular Dishes

Balti dishes are cooked and served in an Indian wok (Balti) which enhances the flavour and aroma of this type of cuisine.

Seasoned fresh vegetables cooked with various eastern spices, herbs & condiments.

A biryani is made by gently cooking with special flavour basmati rice with a mixture of mild spices, served with a special vegetable curry sauce.

Basmati cooked in ghee, flavoured with saffron, cardamon, bay leaves and other tasty ingredients.

Served with salad, fried mushroom, onion & chips

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