Sen Viet Vegetarian Restaurant

Vietnamese Vegan

120 Kingsland Road, London, E2 8GG

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Pho & Bun / Noddle Soup

Our homemade soup base or broths are cooked with different types of root vegetables to capture the sweetness and natural flavour. Five spices to bring out aromas flavour. The soup itself is garnished with spring onions, onion, coriander, fried shallot, and served with beansprouts, chopped chilli, lemon & mints.

Mon Xao & Nuong / Stir Fried and Chargrilled Dishes

Mon Truyen Thong / A Classic Vietnamese Family and Banh My - Vietnam baguette (tofu or plant burger), and Sen Viet's Special Burger

Cac Mon Rau / Vegetables Dishes

Trang Mieng / Desserts

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