Shaam Nights Syrian & Lebanese

Syrian Lebanese Halal

116-118 City Road, Cardiff, CF24 3DQ

Delivery from 12:30

Note: Some or all of our dishes may contain allergen products, please ask a member of staff for advice

None gluten free - tabbouleh, fattoush, lamb sambousak, bread, cheese sambousak, freekeh, uzy surar, kubba labaniya

Dairy - moutabal, garlic dip, cheese sambousak, lamb shawarma, cucumber salad, kubba labaniya, pepper sauce, feta cheese salad, tahina sauce, broad beans

Non Vegan - Moutabal, garlic dip, lamb sambousak, cheese sambousak, all grilled meats, all cooked meats, tahina sauce, kubba labaniya, lababiya sauce, feta salad

All our rice dishes contains traces of butter

Shaam night specials

Charcoal Grilled

Salad side order recommended

Strictly Under 10 years

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