Shafers Cafe @ Tarpots

Breakfast Pies

High Road South Benfleet, Benfleet, SS7 5SF

Delivery from 09:25

Juicy 6oz  & 12oz gourmet burgers in a warm roasted bun served with fresh lettuce, sliced tomatoes & a fresh dill pickle. Choice of sauce

Great tasting panini deep filled served with a small side salad

White or wholemeal bread

Toasted Sandwiches Service

Served with a small salad garnish

Cheese - Freshly grated cheese

Shafers Tasty Chicken Menu

Served with lettuce, tomato & your choice of sauce

Deep filled large French sticks for big appetites

Large delightful jacket potato deep filled with a scrummy filling and served with a small side salad

5 chicken nuggets fries and fruit shoot

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