Curry Pizza

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Note: Please note: rice not included in our dishes

Served with salad & naan bread

Covered with special spices & cooked in the tandoor

A mouth watering dish, cooked with onions, tomatoes, peppers, coriander, methi leaves (fenugreek), herbs, fresh garlic and ginger

Cooked with coconut, almond powder, special mild spices & fresh cream. This is a healthy renowned dish.

( Mild & Sweet)

Spinach & potato cooked with onions, tomatoes & spices. A dry dish


Rice dishes, served with a vegetable sauce, topped with an omelette

This dish is cooked with egg, onions, green peppers & green chillies.

(Medium Hot)

A medium curry

Cooked with onions, tomatoes, green peppers & topped with fried garlic.


Cooked with onions, tomatoes, capsicums, special spices & a touch of tandoori.


Cooked with onions, green peppers, green chillies.


A mild & sweet dish cooked with cream, coconut & almond powder

(Very Mild)

Cooked with special spices & methi leaves (Fenugreek)


Cooked with onions, tomatoes & green peppers (Improved)


Cooked with special spices & extra onions & tomatoes


A very popular dish cooked with a special blend of spices. Potatoes are added to this dish.


Cooked with coconut, almond powder & pineapple

(Very mild sweet & sour)

Cooked with garlic, ginger and chillies

(Very Hot)

Rich curry sauce similar to vindaloo


Try our thin curst 12" only

Pizza Base

Indian Kebabs

Kebabs are served on fresh naan with choice of salad and sauce

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