Curry Indian

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All Starters Are Served With Fresh Seasonal Salad....

Shallow Fried Bread Made With A Choice Of Your Protein! Delicious Delicacy!

All Starters Are Served With Salad.

Served with salad

Your Choice Of Protein Laying On A Bed Of Fresh Seasonal Salad, Tossed With Caesar Salad Dressing & Croutons! You Asked, We Delivered! ?

Shama Hakka Noodles!

You Asked, We Delivered!

Stir-fry Noodles Mixed With Crunchy Vegetables, Tossed With Soy Sauce & Spices! A Must-Try.

Slow Cooked Basmati Rice Infused With Your Choice Of Protein. Garnished With Coriander, Red Onions And Cucumber. Served With Our Shama Mint Raita.

Served Without Rice! Choose Your Sauce, Then Add Your Protein.

Served Without Rice. Select Your Dish Preference, Then You'll Be Redirected To Choose Your Protein!

All Home-Style Dishes Are Cooked With Our Chef's Secret Home-Made Ingredients With The Special Picked Cuts Of Meat.

Many Takeaways Have Tried To Imitate Our Vegan Menu, Yet Cannot Succeed In Providing The Quality & Standards We Provide! Served Without Rice.

Exquisite Vegetarian Selection - An Excellent Choice For Our Vegetarian Customers! Served Without Rice.


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