Indian Curry Halal

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Note: 3 Chappaties or Chips or Boiled Rice or Nan FREE with each Curry Dish

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Before ordering, please meake sure you select the right strength spice. We can make all curries to any strength of your choice. If you have a food allergy or special dietry requirements please inform a member of staff. Thanks

All Kitchen Staff have 10 years experience. If any dish is not listed please ask a member of staff and we will be happy to help.

If you are allergic to anything please let our staff know.

All offers and prices can be changed without any prior notice.

All our kebabs are served with fresh salad & chilli sauce on request

£0.90 Extra to add cheese on kebabs. On request.

All our burgers are served in a bun with fresh salad & fries

Extra 50p for a can of Pepsi with all burgers on request

Sizzlers (Main Course)

Served with fresh salad, curry sauce & rice

Specialities of the House

Cooked with fresh chopped green chillies, onions, tomatoes, garlic, fresh coriander, producing a fairly spicy dish with thickish sauce

These dishes are unique due to the method used to prepare them. They are first prepared in an Indian wok using fresh tomatoes, peppers, onions, coriander, garlic, ginger and finely grounded herbs & spices to give them a rich flavour, they are then balanced in a balti until sizzling.

Served with curry sauce. A truly Moghul dish. Saffron basmati rice cooked with onions, tomatoes, peppers, chopped buffet chillies & Indian spices.

A medium curry sauce produced from a wide blended range of spices

A very popular hot dish famous for its rich hot flavour

Highly spiced with chillied, black peppers and special Indian hot spices

A dish of Persian origin. This is a medium dish cooked with lentils, pineapple, tomato puree & garlic producing a sweet & sour taste

This dish is cooked with ginger & garlic in a creamy almond sauce and butter garnished with fresh coriander

Extensive use of garlic, onions, tomato puree, touch of ketchup & lemon juice. Produces a sweet & sour taste

This dish is madras strength and is prepared with the extensive use of tomatoes, coriander, garlic, onion & peppers

50p Extra to add eggs - on request only. This dish is cooked with pieces of chicken or lamb tikka in a fairly spicy sauce (Madras) with slices of green chillies, onions, ginger, garlic & fresh coriander - spicy but tasty dish

A popular traditional dish cooked with fresh onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, fresh coriander & spices in a thick sauce

This is a very traditional dish, highly popular. Cooked with freshly grounf spices, selected herbs, with a hint of garlic, ginger, tomatoes, onions, & garnished with fresh coriander

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