Shawarma & Grill

Kebab Grill Halal

118 Merry Street, Motherwell, ML1 1NA

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Note: Some items may contain nuts or other allergens, please inform staff of any allergies or dietary requirements when you order.

Served with chips, creamy sos and jalapeno

Rice topped, served with kebab sauce & salad

All served with rice, curry sauce and salad

All served with mix salad,chilli sauce and garlic mayo sauce. Extra meat plus £1

Served with Pitta, Salad & Sauce

All meals served with chips and can

All meals served with Chips and Can

All Meals served with Chips and Salad

All meals served with chips

Served with tortilla wrap, chips cheese, salad and kebab sos

All Curries served with rice. Lamb Tikka £2 extra

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