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Indian Curry

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Cooked with a combination of herbs and spices, beautifully well balanced and medium in taste.

Introducing our own unique selection of signature dishes. A truly fantastic selection to meet the palates of Hot, medium and mild lovers (Served with pilau rice)

Vegan friendly variety available on request.

Our Biryani is delicately cooked with special flavour basmati rice combined with saffron and a mixture of mild spices. Served with vegetable curry in a separate dish.

The home of Balti dishes is in Northern most part of Bengal. They are prepared with special homemade fresh herbs, balti paste and fresh coriander.

All Balti dishes include a free plain naan.

Marinated in yoghurt with delicate herbs and spices, cooked in the clay oven. Served with salad and mint sauce.

Your traditional choice of Bangladeshi and Indian curry with a special touch from Shelford Spice. (We can amend the spice level and cater to requests so if you wish to have a hot or mild version please mention this when ordering.

Chicken £13.95 | Chicken Tikka £15.15 | Lamb £15.15 | Lamb Tikka £16.35 | Vegetable

£12.85 | Tiger Prawn £17.45 | King Prawn £19.85 | Salmon £21.05 | Paneer £18.65

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