Shimla Balti

Indian Kebab

36 Station Road, Burry Port, SA16 0LP

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All the following are served with side salad & mint sauce

All served with side salad & mint sauce

All kebabs are served with mint sauce & pitta or naan bread

Specially prepared & cooked with fresh herbs, spices & coriander

The finest flavour & aroma are enriched by our own special recipe 

Served with naan bread

Masala is marinated with yoghurt, spices & herbs, barbecued in a tandoori oven & cooked in medium spices

Cooked with fresh garlic, onions & tomatoes in a spicy medium sauce

Tender pieces marinated with fresh ground spices

Served fairly dry

Cooked in a medium spiced sauce, dry, onions, tomatoes & capsicum

Medium spiced cooked with tomatoes & green peppers in a thick sauce

Fairly hot & dry

Cooked with onions, tomatoes, capsicum & chillies

Cooked with freshly ground spices in a fairly hot sauce

Slightly sweet, sour & hot with coconut, cooked in a thick sauce

Slightly sweet, sour & hot, cooked in a lentil sauce

Cooked with spinach & fresh Indian spices

Cooked with mushrooms & coriander

Chickpeas cooked with fresh herbs & spices

Fairly dry

Flavoured with herbs & mild spices, lychee & creamy sauce

Cooked with pineapple

A mild dish

Rice dish flavoured with saffron & served with a plain curry

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