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Indian Curry

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Immerse yourself in the culinary legacy of our esteemed chef, whose 30 years of expertise infuse each of our Signature Dishes. Crafted from carefully selected spices and masalas, each dish embodies our chef's original recipes and dedication to authenticity. From innovative creations to timeless classics, our chef's expertise shines through in every bite, offering you a taste of unparalleled excellence.

Traditonal Curry Classics..

Explore the essence of Punjabi cuisine with our fragrant Biryani Dishes. Basmati rice cooked to perfection with tender meat or vegetables, complemented by a medley of spices. Served with your choice of accompaniment: creamy Korma sauce, rich Masala sauce, or classic Curry sauce.

Experience the vibrant flavours of our Vegetarian Mains. From creamy curries to our traditional Balti’s, each dish celebrates the richness of plant-based ingredients in Indian cuisine. Perfect for those seeking a flavourful meat-free option!

Enhance your meal with our flavourful Vegetarian Side Dishes. From lentil specialties to mix vegetable side dishes, each dish is crafted to complement our main courses perfectly.

Dive into our Tandoori specialties, cooked fresh to perfection in our traditional clay oven (tandoor). Marinated in yogurt and spices, each dish bursts with authentic flavour.

From juicy Lamb Chops to smoky Chicken Tikka. Served with either Naan Bread or Rice

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