Shish Mahal Restaurant

Indian Pakistani Halal

60 - 68 Park Road, Glasgow, G4 9JF

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Akbari Spicy Starters

Only served with main meals, you may ask for a small portion for one person; a favourite in Punjabi people

Selection of pakoras - The classic tasty starter to get te taste buds going. Made with flour, onion, green chillies and other spices fried and served with salad and sauce, varieties are as follows:

A light fluffy pancake and embraced with either

Mughal's Speciality Cuisine

Hyderabadi Burryani Cuisine

Medium - originated from the extravagant kitchens of Royal Persia and popularly spread among Pakistani food lovers from the first Indo-Muslim rulers, before British Raj and they are still regarded as the only wedding feast in Indo-Pak sub continent

It is a combination of some of the traditional spices mixed with basmati rice and fried with ghee, then served with curry sauce, shish spices and saffron.

You may ask to be served with small vegetable curry instead of gravy for an extra £4.50

Tandoori Speciality Cuisine

Tandoori is Eastern cuisine employing an oriental method of barbecue grilling and baking kebab, chicken, lamb, prawn and bread this is done in charcoal fired clay oven, known as a Tandoor, these dishes are marinated for at least 24 hours in our special spices & herbs before being barbecued over flaming charcoal in the Tandoor.

Served with mixed salad, rice and gravy sauce.

(These dishes are ideal for weight watcher, except gravy sauce, rice & bread)

All chicken or lamb dishes are served of bone (breast), unless mentioned

Dishes below can be prepared with tikka at £1.00 extra charge

Rice and Bread Basket

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