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Indian Curry

201 Timberlog Lane Bar Staple, West Basildon, SS14 1PB

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Note: Authentic Indian food

Cooked on the day every day to maintain its original taste and aroma

Please Note

1. All our food is freshly cooked using finest ingredients

2. We do not accept cheques

3. Management reserves the right to refuse orders/admissions without giving any explanations

Do you have a food allergy?

Food sold here may contain or have come into contact with these allergens


Cereals (Gluten)











Sesame Seeds

Sulphur Dioxide

If you would like to know the ingredients of any food sold here a member of staff will be happy to assist you and do let us know if there is any food that may cause an allergic reaction.

Please ask before you order!

Tandoori dishes are marinated in special herbs & spices. Flame grilled in clay oven and accompanied with sauces and salad.

Biriyani is complete main meal, the principle ingredients are mixed with spices & herbs and stir fried with pilou rice. Served with a vegetable curry.

Balti is traditional Indian dish, originating from a place in Kashmir called Baltisan. These dishes are freshly cooked in special bati pan with a specially prepared Balti sauce. Can be served medium or hot on request.

Cooked with special Tandoori barbequed meat, chicken or king prawns

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