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Indian Curry

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A biryani is made by gently cooking with the special flavour of basmati rice together with a mixture of mild spices. Served with a curry sauce.

(Medium Hot)

A sauce of medium consistency with a basic but wide range of oriental spices giving a rich flavour


A curry originally created for the British Raj in India. Mild dish cooked in sweet creamy sauce, with almonds, coconut and fresh rich cream

(Fairly Hot)

A South Indian dish found in Central and Eastern India, having a greater proportion of garam spices, which add a fiery taste to its richness

(Medium Hot)

Special blend of spices fried together to provide a dish of medium strength and a uniquely dry consistency as compared to curry


These dishes are cooked in a most authentic northern way with a combination of garlic, ginger, coriander, capsicum, tomatoes, and spices served in a thick sauce to give a distinctive taste. Served with naan bread

(Medium Hot)

Cooked with roasted spices, sliced onions, peppers & fresh green chillies

(Very Hot)

Related to the Madras but involving a greater use of garlic, tomatoes, lemon, ginger, and black peppers. It owes its name, and in part its content, to the early Portuguese settlers

(Medium Hot with tomatoes)

A special preparation with garlic, garnished with tomato. Fairly hot and little dry

(Hot, Sweet, and Sour, served with pilau rice)

Dansak is prepared with oriental spices, lentils and lemon juice to add sweetbess and a sharp sour flavour. Served with pilaur rice

(Medium Hot)

A method of preparation similar to Bhuna where onions are mixed with the spices and fried briskly

(Fairly Hot with coconut)

Served in a thick, coconut and almond flavoured sauce

(Extremely Hot)

This pan-asian dish is not for the faint of heart. Notoriously known as the hottest curry available

(Hot, sweet & sour)

These dishes are authentically cooked with strong spices. It's hot, sweet and sour

(Medium with spinach)

Cooked with onions, garlic meidum roasted spices infused with spinach

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