Shurma Restaurant

Indian Bangladeshi Halal

91 Station Lane, Featherstone, WF7 5BJ

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Non Vegetarian Starters

This is a very special sauce, its unique flavour is produced in the tandoor from fresh cream, yoghurt & Punjabi spices. Mild to medium

All marinated with special spices & lemon juice cooked in the tandoor oven which helps preserve all natural flavours of the ingredients

All the following are cooked with garlic, ginger, onion, fresh coriander, spices & herbs. Medium to hot

Vegetarian Specialties

Served medium to hot specially cooked with green chillies in Punjabi herbs & spices with tomatoes, onion sauce. Garnished with fried onion & peppers on top with fresh chillies & coriander

Another classic & favourite dish. Here the meats are cooked in mustard oil, ground spices, mixed pepper, garnished with red chilli & fresh coriander. Medium to hot dish

Authentic classic & famous dish cooked with garlic, tomatoes, onion, bulet chilli, fresh coriander & freshly made ground spices delicious medium dry. Medium to hot

All these dishes are available in chicken, lamb, prawn, vegetable, king prawn or tikka

Biryani is cooked with famous basmati rice with a mixture of special Indian spices, served with specially made curry sauce

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