Pizza Parmesans

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Up to 3 miles is £1 delivery charge - orders over 3 miles will be charged an extra £1 per mile. This will be payable to the driver on arrival - please ensure you have this available. You can check your distance by entering your full postcode on the previous page. If you are paying by card and do not have cash, you can add an item to your order totalling the additional delivery amount and state in comments this is to cover the additional delivery charge.

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Please note: Deliveries must be within 3 miles

All pizzas are made using fresh dough, mozzarella cheese & the finest toppings

Stuffed crust & extra toppings are available

Sicilian Special Pizzas mozzarella cheese & the finest toppings.

Stuffed crust are available

All kebabs are served with fresh salad & chilli sauce separately

All burgers are served with complimentary sachets of mayo, ketchup, vinegar & salt. All fries sprinkled with Sicilys special seasoning. Add cheese to your burger for 70p. All burgers are 100% beef & are cooked on a charcoal grill, served in a bun with fries, sauce & fresh salad

Hot American Baguettes

Freshly baked baguette filled with cheese, mayonnaise, salad & a choice of one of the fillings

Fresh chicken breast covered in crispy breadcrumbs served with your choice of bechamel sauce with cheddar cheese or pizza sauce. All Parmesans are served with chips & fresh salad

Why not try your Parmesan with one of the following dips: Mayo, Garlic Mayo, Mayo Twist, Chilli Sauce for 50p per dip

All grill dishes are served with fresh salad & chilli sauce separately

All chips are sprinkled with Sicilys special seasoning

All chips are sprinkled with Sicilys special seasoning

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