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Before placing your order, please inform a member of our team if you or anyone on your table has a food allergy like:

Gluten, lupin, celery, crustaceans, milk, sulphur dioxide, sesame, molluscs, mustard, tree nuts, egg, fish, soybeans, peanuts

We are full aware of the 14 allergens underlined by the health regulations, therefore please can you let a member of staff know & indicate which of the allergens you are sensitive to before you order

Some dishes may contain bones

As we use our very own concept of cooking methods to provide Authentic Asian Food, so before you choose your dish please check it up with the staff that youre ordering the dish to your liking as most of our special dishes are cooked with marinated grilled meat & for allergy concern most of our mild creamy dishes contains mixed nuts & raisins

**Any 2 main dishes priced up to £8.50**

  With any 2 sides priced up to £3.25

  For only £20.00 saves you £3.50

  Wednesday to Monday 5PM to 10PM

Free kind of complimentary with every order on Friday and Saturday.

On takeaway orders there is some of the items of food never taste the same as when dine in at a restaurant, this is due to the steaming while it is packed in a bag or in a container also the warmness and freshness does not remain as it should be.

If there is any issue of complaint, please notify us in a reasonable manner so that we can rectify it with pleasure.

Serving quality food is not only our job, it is our passion also.

We served the right to refuse service at anytime without giving any reason.

10% discount on order over £20

All the starter's are served with fresh salad and mint sauce.

All the starter's are served with fresh salad and mint sauce.

All the starter's are served with fresh salad and mint sauce.

The daily dishes for the staff, highly recommended for tru spicy and hot curry lovers.

Over the period of last few years we served these Sid's special dishes to many of our customers which is much appreciated by everyone and ordered again and again, now we decided to add it on our menu.

All signature dishes prepared with marinated grilled meat.

All these dishes are spicy and medium cooked with marinated grilled meat.

All these dishes are highly spicy and fairly hot. Cooked with marinated grilled meat.

(Contains mixed nuts, almond, coconut and raisins)

These dishes are mild and creamy cooked with marinated grilled meat. British version of Indian dishes intruduced to people at beginning of curry business.

All the tandoori dishes are served with fresh salad and mint sauce.

Medium cooked with rice served with vegetable sauce, It is a complete meal.

It is the most common dish of Arabian countries. You can request for how do you want the sauce in comments section normally medium.

These oriental dishes are our very own creation by over 40 years of experience made with our very own recipes. Doing well since we included to our menu.

Served with fresh salad and mint sauce and a choice of a can of Coke, Diet Coke, Fanta or Sprite

All the vegetable dishes are medium. If you want any dish as hot and spicy please write a note in your order.

All the rice dishes are cooked with dark soya, sweetcorn and peas except boiled rice and pilau rice

All the naan's are made with self raising flour, roti's and chappati's made with wheat flour.

Cans 330ml

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