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Simla tandoori cuisine

A choice of traditional Indian Sub-Continental dishes

Traditional tandoori dishes

Speciality of the house

These dishes require a little more time as they are prepared in an Indian clay oven. These exotic dishes are prepared by our experts who really take pride in their work. "Tandoori Dishes" are marinated in a special manner in the traditional way to preserve the name. Tenderised chicken or lamb is cooked in a special tandoori clay oven & beautifully coated with spice & served with a salad (except Masala & Pasanda)

Dansak dishes are different from the rest because it bares a sweet & hot, sharp tangy flavour. Prepared in a sauce with lentils & selected herb & spices. Served with pilau rice

A very special mild, creamy flavoured coconut curry, rich in flavour, delicate & completely different

Traditional Balti Special

Cooked with ginger, garlic, capsicum, tomatoes, green chilli, fresh coriander & special balti paste

Slightly Hot

Fish curry cooked with ingredients freshly chopped tomatoes, ginger, garlic, green peppers, chillies, onions, fresh coriander & all spice

Rogan Josh is prepared in a similar manner to the Dupiaza, but is hotter. A greater use of fresh garlic, tomato, capsicums, onions & freshly chopped ginger are involved to enhance the richness of the spice

This preparation holds its distinguished name with great pride because it has its own character. Dopiaza is prepared with fresh herbs & topped with freshly chopped onions & spices

Hot, sweet & sharp tangy flavours

A greater use of tomatoes & hot spices which are blended to lure the flavours of the ingredients

Chef Recommends Jalfrezi House Speciality

Diced boneless chicken or lamb grilled over clay oven & then cooked with tomato, green peppers & chilli in an iron Karahi (Souk)

Chef Recommends Staff Speciality

Naga Bhuna curry cooked in special naga paste (NAGA) hot chillies. Ingredients: fresh ginger, garlic, coriander, methileaves, onion

Simla Recommends

Very special mild & creamy flavour

Bhuna Curries (Spicy)

Freshly chopped tomatoes, methi leaves, onion, fresh coriander & ingredients added for taste


Vindaloo Curries (Very Hot)

Chef Recommends Speciality

Mixed with pilau rice & vegetable curry. Topped with slices of egg, tomato & cucumber

A choice of fresh vegetables & side dishes

Naan bread

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