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Indian Pizza Halal

113 South Hallhill Road, Glasgow, G32 0PB

Delivery from 16:45


All our pizzas are. Made fresh to order, prepared using our own savoury tomato sauce, quality cheese and the finest ingredients.

Salad or sauce separate. 50p Extra.

Thin chapati with cheese, chips, Salad and sauce with a choice of filling

Popular Indian Dishes

Rice not included

Low Fat

Served with salad & kebab sauce

Special Tikka & Creamy Dishes

All dishes £9.90 Served with rice or nan

Sizzle & Spice Special Tikka Dishes

Served with rice or nan - all dishes can be prepared with the following:

All Special Curries £9.50

Lamb- £1.00 extra, King Prawn - £2.50 extra

Low Fat

All served with rice, curry sauce & salad

Rice not included

Served with curry sauce & salad

Rice not included

Light thin chapati pan fried & stuffed with a filling of your choice. Ask for choice of your taste, medium or sweet & sour

Extra toppings are available

Buffet Special

Please 24 hour notice required. Sauce free of charge

4 Ltr Tray - served 13-18 people

All special salad are served with chips

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