Indian Desserts

88a Martin Crescent Ballingry, Lochgelly, KY5 8QA

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Served with fresh Naan, salad, sauce & spiced onions.

Separate salad or sauce 50p extra.

Calzone of your choice wrapped in a fresh pizza base. Add chips & juice for only £1.50 extra

Prime American style burger garnished with salad, mayonnaise & relish

We only use premium basmati rice

Tandoori Specialities.

All tandoori dishes are cooked on charcoal in a clay oven (tandoor) and are served with rice, curry sauce & salad.

Cooked tenderly in rice, delicately flavoured with special spices & saffron. Served with curry sauce & salad.

Chef's special curry dishes

Rice or naan bread included

Served with Salad & Sauce. Add Chips for 70p

Served in a large chapati with chips & cheese

Served with chips & salad

Served in same container

Sizzler Set Meals

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