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Pizza Burgers Halal

25a Market Street, Tottington, BL8 4AA

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Note: Food Allergy Warning

Please note: Consult member of staff regarding any food allergies and spices strength

Note :spend over£ 12and get 10”garlic bread with cheese free or chips or chilli sauce

Please mention your free items in the comments box otherwise we wasn’t bi able to send it

Served with one complimentary chilli sauce dip per pizza

Folded Pizzas stuffed with delicious fillings.

All burgers served with salad (lettuce, red onion, tomato) and choice of sauce

Add £1.20 for meal (1 x portion of chips, 1 x can 330m), add £0.20 for cheese

All wraps will be served with chips & drink

Add £1.20 for meal (1 x portion of chips, 1 x can 330m)

All kebabs served with salad (lettuce, red onion, tomato), choices of 2 sauces and naan

Add £1.00 with cheese

All cakes and cheesecake served as 1 slice

All meals served with chips & juice (Fruit Shoot Orange or Blackcurrant 265ml)

Grilled Chicken

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