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The balti is one of the most famous curry dishes, it was created in the Birmingham triangle during the 70s. Since then it has captivated the UK. It gets it name for this steel bowl its cooked and served in. We cook our balti in a rich tangy tomato sauce, mix spices, dried methi leaves and fresh coriander

The biryani dates back to the Mughal Empire, a dish for the Royals. Now a stable across Indian sub-contiment. All in one dish, fresh garlic and onions stir fried with basmati rice and the choice below Spiced with gram masala and turmeric.

Served with a mixed vegetable curry

Tandoori is a vertical clay oven, with a fire pit at the bottom to keep the oven extremely hot. This style of cooking seals in the juices in the meat and gives it that amazing smoky aroma and taste.

Desserts are served in 1 slice portion

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