Pizza Chicken Halal

35 - 37 Dewsbury Gate Road, Dewsbury, WF13 4AX

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£1.50 delivery fee

£7 min. order

With the choice of Fries, Rice or Naan for an Extra £1.00.

All Kebabs served with Salad and chilli Sauce.

Served with Lettuce, Mayo and Fries.

All Burgers served with salad, sauce and fries.

Meat or chicken cooked with rice and served with curry sauce.

All pasta served with fries. Medium.

All meals served with Fries and Kids Drink.

All curries served with 2 chappaties or Boiled Rice.


All curries served with 2 Roti or 3 chappaties or Naan.

Pizza Burger Encased in Fresh Pizza Dough & baked in oven served with fries.

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