Snack Shack

Breakfast Sandwiches

37A Middlewich Street, Crewe, CW1 4BS

Delivery from Wed 08:50

English breakfast muffins choose from a variety of fillings

Freshly Baked Staffordshire oatcakes

Choose from Plain and add any filling you would like or try one of our oatcake boxes....

Why not try our crispy chicken wrap

Choose from hot & spicy, Southern fried or crispy chicken, side salad & fries

Crispy chicken nuggets

Choose your sandwich , tuna , ham ,cheese , egg

Packet of crisps

Chocolate Rice crispy bar

And a drink

Try our new range for all our coffee lovers

16oz milkshakes

Don't forget to add your cream

Crispy Sweet spiced apple fry pie

Biscoff or oreo

Choose from one of our potato dogs either the classic or the fiery cheese

Curry or chilli

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